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Five Free Tools To Help Make Your Business Grow

 by: Ofa Morgan

One of the great things about the net is all the free things you can find and use. Uh-oh, there's that word again, "free'. It's got to be one of the most over used words ever, especially on the net! Still, it never fails to thrill, or set the pulse racing! We love the idea of freebies, of getting something useful, cool, beautiful, profitable, functional and a whole list of other things without spending with any money.

So if you're like me and love the feeling of having found a bargain or better still, some great resource for free, then you'll love the tools listed and described here! They include:

  1. a safelist submitter

  2. a site where you can create you own logos and buttons

  3. a site that gives precise, up to date traffic stats

  4. an online resource giving over 1200 reviews of web hosts offering free and paid web space

  5. an online ad tracker

So without further ado, let's take a look at the first resource!

  1. The Snazzy Promotions freeware safelist submitter

    Snazzy by name, snazzy by nature? You bet it is! This safelist submitter will save your adverts and you can add an unlimited amount of safelists. The only "bad" thing is joining the safelists, but once it's done, it's done and from there on in, it's just a case of choosing the safelists you want to post to, selecting the ad and clicking. Talk about a great time saver! You can get your copy at:

  2. Cool Text

    This site makes it really easy to create your own buttons and logos. There's a wide variety of styles and textures (over 100) to choose from and with over 52 fonts to use, you can really let your imagination go and create some very beautiful, unique images. You might want to visit this site when the amount of web traffic is decreasing as it's EXTREMELY popular!

  3. Web Stat

    Have you got a site that you can access the coding for? If so, provides very accurate traffic statistics. With the free option, you can track the stats for one URL and these will give you info on:

    1. the visited pages

    2. monthly page trends

    3. browsers

    4. operating systems

    5. search engines

    6. countries

    You'll also get a general summary giving you a concise report on, amongst other things, the page views for the day and for the past week.

  4. Web Host Reviews

    You might want to try out a web host before committing to monthly payments but which one do you choose? Which free web hosts allow you to host your own domain? Which ones give you free web space with no ads? As I've come to discover, searching for this information can be an infuriating experience! Don't get like me, check out for detailed reviews and ratings of over 1200 free web hosts. It's a great time and stress saver!

  5. Free Ad Tracker

    Last but not least, allows you to create unlimited ad campaigns for free. It's so important to know which places are producing results advertising wise and which ones need to be dropped. Tracking your ads will save you lots of money and effort and if you want to try it for free, then this site provides a really good service. It also creates subcampaigns for ezine, banner and FFA advertising. To set up your account, go to:

So there you have it! Five great tools that won't cost you anything to use. I hope that at least one of them will help you with your marketing and promotions. And believe me when I say these tools are free, in the true sense of the word :)

About The Author

Ofa Morgan is the owner of Blue Moon Offers, a site that gives extra special deals on information products, software and downloadables. Blue Moon Offers also hosts a monthly contest with a great prize.

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