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GigaSlot Wireless Gaming Platform

 by: John Lancelet


GigaSlot Wireless Casino targets the new area of casino gaming on mobile phones, cell phones, smart phones, and wireless PDAs. GigaSlot has recently released the first client/server game GigaSlot available on the portal. This is one of the first implementations of five-payline, three-wheeled slot machines, which is the same for wireless devices supporting Java(R) technology as well as for the Internet.

All mobile phone games are available also on the Internet without downloading for all standard Web browsers, including Mac, AOL, WebTV, and MSNTV (R), and on a broad spectrum of wireless devices supporting Java technology under the same player account.

GigaSlot Game Concept

The wireless gaming market represents a lot of new challenges, as well as several obstacles. The biggest challenge is that the player can play really everywhere in a comfortable enough fashion in an alternative way to classical Internet casinos, the obstacles are technical, as for example limited wireless device possibilities, required proper device setup for network awarded applications, support for a broad range of different and not fully compatible types, as well as business, which is currently the lower familiarity and understanding of all required wireless technologies among players.

The smaller display size of wireless devices brings the requirement to design enough simple games, but which are still fun to play. Such games should have skill-based features as well as some story behind them. They must be optimized for several different sizes of displays of wireless devices, as well as for their Internet versions.

Recently GigaSlot released its first game, which is a five-payline, three-wheel slot machines, where 0.5, 1, or 2 coins can be bet independently on each payline. During the game, the player is allowed to hold wheels, and he collects star bonus symbols whenever there are 3 or more star symbols shown anywhere on the reel window of the machine. When the player collects the 3rd star, he wins a bonus spin for which all payouts are multiplied by 10 times.

The GigaSlot players need to own an ordinary mobile or cell phone, smart phone, or wireless PDA, which supports Java(R) technology. Then the player also needs a wireless plan from the wireless network provider enabled for data transfers via analog CSD (R), GPRS (R), or EDGE (R) technology. The games can be downloaded from within a few minutes; the account registration, as well as the initial deposit can be done through the downloaded application without the necessity to switch to a classical Internet Web browser.

Benefits of GigaSlot Solution

The GigaSlot strategy is based on the following features:

  • GigaSlot games are also available for current low- and mid-class phones supporting Java (R) in its early MIDP1.0 (R) or newer MIDP2.0 (R) releases, which are equipped with a basic color display having a minimum size of at least 101x80 pixels. GigaSlot supports the most popular phones from leading market vendors: Nokia, Motorola, Siemens, Samsung, and PalmOne Tungsten Treo (R) models. All of the best selling mobile and cell phones at are supported. GigaSlot games are not limited to only smart phones, as some of our competitors offer. The minimal wireless data transfer speed of about 9600 bps is sufficient to reach the response times between 5 and 15 seconds, depending on the cellular network latency, and given wireless device model.

  • The identical games with the shared user account data, as bonus states, deposits, are available for play on the Internet as well as on wireless devices.

  • Easy to use registration, deposit, and withdrawal possibilities, usable directly through the wireless device, are being implemented. The player will not be required to use the Internet web site for registration, deposits, the player created pre-filled payment orders during each successful deposit, and he can recall them later, thereby minimizing the amount of data the player is required to retype for each additional money transfer action through the limited wireless keyboard and smaller display. The payment system is generic in terms that it can be used for credit cards as well as for alternative payment systems, such as Neteller(R). GigaSlot has implemented a unique strong encryption solution, which also works on low- and mid-class cell phones having MIDP1.0, which in itself does not provide any built-in security such as SSL and HTTPS protocols.

  • Games offered by GigaSlot are unique and exclusively developed; they are not licensed to other operators at the moment.

Partnership with GigaSlot

GigaSlot is willing to build strong relationships to accelerate its wireless gaming startup. The targeted marketing is focused on several strategies, especially on entrance into affiliate networks, on banner, text links, newsletters, opt-in E-Mails and SMS marketing, and on offering of mobile content for free or for royalties through wireless content providers. Our games can be played for free (Practice Play), or without any previous deposit in a weekly-awarded tournament (Tournament Play), or for real (Real Play) together with the continuous bonus program including the first 100% signup bonus should improve the conversion rate and player faithfulness.

GigaSlot offers up to 30% of monthly gross deposits to its partners. GigaSlot has already established a partnership with several Web portals offering mobile and cellular phone content, and is willing to extend its partnership with Internet marketers, gaming oriented portals, and wireless content providers, as well as with cellular network operators. Details can be found in our affiliate program, available upon request from

Future Outlook

We have identified the following critical factors for success in the wireless gaming market:

  • Games must be designed with the respect to limits of wireless devices in terms of screen size, keyboard size, memory, computing power, and data transfer speed limits. They must be new, offering an original experience and skill-based features.

  • Games must be available for wireless devices prevailing the market.

  • Simple and easy to use registration, deposits, withdrawal requests processing service have to be offered, enabling players to play wirelessly without the requirement to switch to a classical Internet Web browser.

  • Both Internet, as well as wireless versions of the same games should be released.

  • Build up strong partnerships for player conversion.

GigaSlot Wireless Casino has proven to be able to follow these concepts. GigaSlot plans to release at least one new game each quarter to offer a new unique wireless gaming experience to its players in the rapidly developing wireless market, to build one of the well-recognized wireless gaming brands.

About The Author

John Lancelet

20th November 2004,

(c) GigaSlot Casino Management,

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